Release 19.01.2017

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Release Note for the release 19.01.2017

New Features
- Marking key
Now you can set up a Marking key on any record type.
This key is designed for controlling non cash transactions such as credit card sales/purchases, and also settlement bank accounts, in order to make your cash projections more accurate.

By specifying a Marking key in the reference field of an invoice/bill transaction in your accounting system, you can control how it appears in your cash projection in CaFE.

For more information, please see What is a Marking key?.

Log into CaFE to try Marking key now

Improvements & Changes

- Changed the terms of Payables / Receivables
We have changed the way of calling "Payables / Receivables" to "Payments / Collections" to be more business user friendly. Now you can see those terms in the Cash Summary and the Cash Projection pages.
On the Dashboard for accountancy firm users, it remains the same as it was.

- Improved payment transactions handling
We have improved the handling of payment transactions when a non bank account is specified as a payment account such as a credit card or any other accounts in your accounting system.
Previously, if a non bank account was selected in any payment type transaction or bank transfer, your main bank account was assigned as a payment account automatically.
To be more accurate, now it will be handled as an Other payment or collection.

- Missing Xero account mapping handling
We have added more mapping definitions for Rounding accounts for both Expense and Revenue.

- Improved performance for a large volume of bank statements
We have improved the logic to fetch a large volume of bank statements from Xero more seamlessly.
This will improve the performance of bank transactions synchronisation.

- Introduced Auto complete for filtering
When you filter data by text type information such as names or types, now CaFE assists you with entering words by showing candidates based on registered data automatically. Due to performance reasons, currently this feature is available only on the tables related to Record Types master.

- Improved the Cash Summary page
We have added new information called "Unscheduled Other Payments / Collections" to the Cash Summary page. These amounts tell you how much in outstanding payments and collections you have, which are NOT included in cash projections.
In addition, we have changed the layout of the page to show more information without scrolling as much as possible.
Now the tables of Yesterday's Cash Transactions will be displayed only when there are transactions.
On any smaller resolution displays, it will be hidden by default but you can show/hide it whenever you want by clicking the button.

- Added more help information
We have added more help information and hope it is helpful!

- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Role information is handled wrongly just after adding an existing entity
  • Filtering by Bank Account in Schedule window is not working
  • Layout collapsed in some master pages on I.E.
  • Error occurs when showing help windows multiple times on I.E.
  • When no application is selected when adding new entity, the application list will be empty after error message is shown
  • Help icon hides contents when screen height is not high enough
  • Cannot click markers shown in the right hand side on Historical Balance page when screen width is not wide enough


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