Why does CaFE record payment transactions in a wrong bank account which was not used for payments?

Nori -

CaFE controls and calculates future cash flows and balances by bank account.
For more accurate cash projections, allocating future payment information to the right bank account is important. There are two key settings:

• Main A/C
Marking Key

All the transactions such as sales and purchases invoices which will be paid off in the future go to your Main A/C in CaFE unless specified. To specify in which bank account a transaction should be recorded, Marking Key can help you. By setting Marking Key on transactions, you can allocate them correctly, hence you can have more accurate cash projections by bank account.

To set Main A/C, go to:

Settings (in the header menu) -> Bank Accounts -> Select your main bank account from the list  -> Click Update


Please note that you can set only one bank account with your home currency as Main A/C.  Therefore, it is efficient if you set your most heavily used main bank account for payments and settlements as Main A/C 

For the details of Marking Key, refer to What is a Marking key

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