How can I import updated information to CaFE from my accounting software?

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CaFE and your accounting software need to be “synced” so that CaFE can generate output data through the information in your accounting software. And this sync process can be controlled in the Sync page and Auto Sync page.

There are 3 keywords:

• Auto Sync
• Sync Now
• Import Histories


Auto Sync

CaFE has an auto-update function called, Auto Sync.
Once the Auto Sync is set up, CaFE synchronises itself with your accounting software information at a scheduled time once a day.

We highly recommend that the Auto Sync is turned on to keep your data up to date. You can turn it on the Auto Sync page from the Home page as below.


For Business Owners:


For Advisers:



If you see the following unlink mark in the Connected column, that means you need to connect to your accounting system once again as the connection was lost for some reason.

In this case, click the connect button and enter your ID and password of your accounting system to authenticate. Otherwise, CaFE won't be able to proceed with the Auto Sync process.



Sync Now

As Auto Sync runs once a day, you need to sync CaFE whenever there is updated information in accounting software after Auto Sync ran. This sounds complicated but actually, it is easy; just go to the Sync page and hit the Sync Now button. 


You also may want to specify the Advanced Sync Options depending on your needs so that you can tell CaFE how data should be synchronised. It will be needed when you update your old data in your accounting system as Auto Sync or Sync Now updates recent data only by default. (You will see the default sync period when you open the Advanced Sync option)


This is very important especially when you use the Budget Planner as it refers to your past data to generate/analyse your budget.


Import Histories

After the sync, you can check imported bank and forecast related transactions by clicking the links or selecting from the option menu below.



For more details about data synchronisation, refer to the About Data Sync page from the option menu above.


[Current Limitation]

(This limitation is only for FreeAgent users)

Changing “subdomain“ in the FreeAgent account is not supported in CaFE. Please contact the support desk if you would like to change the subdomain of your FreeAgent account which is already synched with CaFE.

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