How does Cash Projection work?

Nori -

CaFE calculates for you future bank account balances by adding up or deducting future cash flows on/from your most recent bank statement balances.


Therefore, there are several key information that CaFE need to have from your accounting software: 

  1. The most recent bank balances,
  2. Incoming monies (such as sales invoices) to your bank accounts,
  3. Outgoing monies (such as purchases invoices) from your bank accounts.

And to calculate your cash projection, it is important for the future incoming and outgoing monies to be given in your accounting

  1. “Dates” such as payment due dates and planned dates

In some accounting software, some incoming and outgoing monies cannot be given such dates mentioned above. However, CaFE can assign the dates with those incoming and outgoing monies by amount and by date with using Other Payments / Collections. 



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