How can I schedule payments other than Account Payables/Creditors?

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In the Today’s Snapshot, you can see unscheduled payments which will happen in the future but don’t have a specific payment date yet such as VAT returns.

To include those payments in your cash flow forecast, you can schedule them within CaFE. (Please remember that this action won’t affect anything in your accounting system)

To do that, click the Schedule link below.




In the Detailed Cash Flow Forecast page, you will see them in the Unscheduled Payments section and then click the Schedule button in one of the items.


After clicking the Schedule button, you will see the scheduler below.


Once it’s opened, enter payment information below.

  1. Select a date,
  2. Set an amount for the payment or collection,
  3. Select a bank account from/in which the chosen amount goes out or comes in,
  4. Click Add New

Please note that you can also enter repeat payments.


After adding, you will see the scheduled payment and the gauge on the top will be updated. if the background colour of the gauge is green, you have no amount left to schedule in the selected item. Otherwise, you have some amount left if the colour is not green.


There is one more important step. To reflect the scheduled amount to your cash flow forecast, close the schedule and just hit the Recalculate Projection button on the top right of the page.



Once the recalculation is completed, the scheduled amount comes up on the payment bank account.




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