How can I schedule payments other than Account Payables/Creditors?

Nori -

CaFE need to schedule dates on dateless information related to incoming and outgoing monies. To “stamp” dates, you can use Other Payments / Collections.

Other Payments / Collections is located in Cash Projection screen. If you have some unscheduled items, they come up in Other Payments / Collections.


As shown below, once you select an item from Other Payments / Collections list,

  1. Select a date,
  2. Set an amount for the payment or collection,
  3. Select a bank account from/in which the chosen amount goes out or comes in,
  4. Click Add New


Once done, a pop up screen comes up. if the background colour of the scheduled amount indicator shown below is green, you have no amount left to schedule in the selected item. Otherwise, you have some amount left if the colour is not green.

There is one more important step. To reflect the schedules amount to your Cash Projection, you need to click Recalculate Projection button which is located top right corner in Cash Projection grid area.


Once recalculation done, the scheduled amount comes up on the date in the bank account you selected.



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