Release 29.09.2017

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Release Note for the release 29.09.2017

New Features
- Email Notification

Now CaFE can help you more proactively to keep running your business successfully. You will be notified of your company's risk by email based on its status and your preferences.

CaFE provides the following notifications.

Lowest Cash Position in 30 Days When a company's cash projection is expected to be less than or equal to a threshold in next 30 days, a notification will be sent.
Critical Timing in 3 Months (*1) When risky cash transactions are made, which may lead to a cash shortfall, within the following 3 months, a notification will be sent based on its critical level.
Unreconciled Count and Amount When unreconciled transactions count / amount in bank statements in the last 3 months exceeds a threshold, a notification will be sent.

*1 Currently it is available for Professional users only but we will release this feature to Standard users soon.


By default, the following notifications are turned on for all entities.

[Professional users] Critical Timing in 3 Months (Threshold: Red alert level)

[Standard users] Lowest Cash Position in 30 Days (Threshold: 0)


Please turn on your preferred notifications and set thresholds depending on your companies' status.

See your notification preferences



We strongly recommend to turn on the Auto Sync feature to grasp your company's risk in real time.

Turn on the Auto Sync now


When a connection between CaFE and your accounting system is disconnected due to an unexpected error, you will receive an email notification separately.

In this case, please re-connect to keep your data fresh!


Improvements & Changes for data synchronisation

- Additional account mapping for Unrealised Currency Gain

- Improvement of bank statement synchronisation
Previously CaFE retrieved bank balances information from the Balance Sheet.
Now it is retrieved from the General Ledger so you can identify each transaction's cash flow in CaFE.

- Inactive account handling
In order to show your Balance Sheet properly in CaFE, now any inactive account items are imported as well.


- New Data Sources for Cash Flow Forecasts
Now you can import the following data additionally.

  • Payroll
  • Manual Journal

- Marking key on Bills
Now you can set a marking key on bill transactions to identify payment bank account for the bills.

- Improvement of handling foreign currency main bank account
Previously CaFE stopped master synchronisation if foreign currency bank account is set as a main bank account in FreeAgent as the main bank account in CaFE has to be home currency base.
Now CaFE tries to find any other bank account with home currency and set it as a main bank account for you.


Other Improvements & Changes

- Video tutorial for professional users
On the Dashboard page, you will now see the video tutorial for getting started.
Please have a look at the video, then you will see how CaFE works!

- Change of start date for the Profit and Loss
Previously the start date of the Profit and Loss in CaFE was set to the last day of the previous three months. To show it in a consistent manner as the Balance Sheet, now the start date is the first day of the previous two months.

- Marking key recognition logic improvement
Initially if one marking key contains another marking key, CaFE might have identified wrongly but now it recognises correctly.

- Performance improvement for Future Critical Timing
- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Unexpected error when showing critical timing for an entity with no data
  • VAT due dates for "Annual scheme: Quarterly payment deadline" and "Annual scheme: Monthly payment deadline" are calculated wrongly
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