Release 06.04.2017

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Release Note for the release 06.04.2017

New Features
- Future Critical Timing Simulator *
Now you will see links on Next Critical Timing in your Dashboard.



When you click one of the links, Future Critical Timing Simulator will pop up as below.



This feature helps you to identify potential cash shortfalls in the short term by highlighting planned collections which may lead to cash shortfalls in the future.

For more information, please go to the Future Critical Timing Simulator.

Log into CaFE to try Future Critical Timing Simulator now!

* This feature is available for professional users only.

Improvements & Changes

- More account mappings for QuickBooks Connector
We have added more account mappings for QuickBooks Online.

- Changed the chart style of Historical Balance
We have changed the chart style of Historical Balance to be more accurate.

- Overdue items in the Dashboard
Now you can see overdue items in the Dashboard by clicking a link on overdue payables or receivables.

- Improved user experience during data loading
Now CaFE shows loading icons when loading data.

- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicated cash flows created by recalculating projection under the specific condition
  • Information for Other Payments / Collections are not shown
  • Cannot invite a user who is already invited to another entity
  • Lowest in 3M in the Dashboard includes non-home currency bank accounts information


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