Release 26.10.2017

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Release Note for the release 26.10.2017

New Features
- Future Critical Timing report for Business owners
Now all business owners (Standard users) can see the Future Critical Timing report.


In addition, we have revamped the Dashboard for an individual entity and the Company Overall section has been newly introduced. If there is a critical timing, a business owner will see a warning immediately after logging in as shown below.


Furthermore, now business owners can also set up the Notification for Future Critical Timing. Please read through the help text in the Notification preferences page for more details.

Log into CaFE to see the Future Critical Timing report now


- Cash shortage warning for individual bank account
Previously CaFE notified of future critical timings for the company's cash position. Now if any possible cash shortage on a particular bank account is found, you will be even notified if the company's position is positive.

In addition, you can now see the cash position of each bank account along with the company's position even if it is a foreign currency bank account. We believe this view would be very useful to grasp future cash positions at a glance.



Improvements & Changes

- Improvement of Worst case simulation
Previously CaFE showed a worst case simulation only when there were any critical collections for selected date. Now it always shows the simulation even if no critical collection exists.

- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Cash flow forecast for Receive/Spend Money in Xero is not working when the relevant account code has lower case characters
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