Release 21.06.2017

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Release Note for the release 21.06.2017

New QuickBooks Data Sources for Cash Flow Forecasts

Now QuickBooks users can import the following data for cash flow forecasts. Your cash projections would be more accurate.

- Receive Payments
- Refund Receipts
- Pay Bills
- Transfers
- Bank Deposits
- Journal Entries


Please do not forget to turn on Auto Sync feature so that your data will be automatically synchronised and cash projections will be ready for you.

Turn on Auto Sync now!


Improvements & Changes

- Performance improvement of the Dashboard
Previously it took some time to load all the data onto the dashboard when you had many entities. Now the data will be cached for a while so that the dashboard will be much faster than before.

- Improved multi currencies handling
We have added more currencies to handle foreign currency bank accounts in CaFE. To handle multi currencies properly, now you can select only home currency bank account as a main bank account. In addition, home currency bank accounts will be available for scheduling future cash flows.

- Security Improvement
We have reviewed CaFE from various aspects and improved to protect your data.

- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Today's transactions cannot be synched in QuickBooks connector when VAT is not set
  • Sync Forecast result is overridden if failed result is set in a connector only with success details
  • (Xero) Transfers between banks are not synced
  • Disabled record types are wrongly referred when synchronising masters
  • (QuickBooks) "Profit for the year" in the financial report is not synchronised


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