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In CaFE, one of the following role types is assigned per entity based on the condition.
Therefore, if you have multiple entities in CaFE, you may have a different role type on each entity.


Entity Subscriber The first user who adds an entity in CaFE.
Entity Admin

The first business user who adds an entity or is invited.
This role type will be assigned only when a professional user already has Entity Subscriber role for the entity.

Standard The other users who add an entity later.
View Only *1 The users who are given access permission by Entity Subscriber.


Here is the role type matrix which shows what you can do for a particular entity.

  Role Type Entity Subscriber Entity Admin Standard View Only
Category Permission
Entity Delete x      
Access Control *1 x      
Dashboard Settings *1 x   x  
Users View x x    
Invite x x    
Bank Accounts View x x x  
Settings x x x  
Record Types View x x x x
Settings x x x  
Data Integration Auto Sync x x    
Manual Sync x x x  
Financial Data View x x x x
Schedule x x x  

*1 Professional users only

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