How to exclude certain bank account balances and transactions from cash projection

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CaFE generates cash flow forecasts and projected balances from all synchronised bank account and credit card balances and planned transactions.
If you would like to exclude certain bank account balances and transactions from cash projections, this can be achieved in the following way.


First, select Bank accounts from the settings icon in the header and navigate to the relevant page.




Exclude certain bank accounts from monitoring

Uncheck the boxes on the left-hand side of the list from the bank accounts you wish to exclude from monitoring.



When you uncheck the box, the following confirmation screen will appear.



Recalculate and the changes will take effect. Recalculation takes a little time, so if you want to make changes to more than one account at a time, you can do it all at once after you have made changes to all your accounts.


Balances and transactions on unmonitored accounts are not included in Overall Cash Projection and Short-term Forecast.


However, the Detailed Cash Flow Forecast screen still allows users to view projected balances and future cash flows for accounts that are not monitored.



This screen can be accessed by clicking on the See long-term forecast link from the Summary screen, or by clicking on See long-term/detailed forecast from the menu in the top right-hand corner of the Forecast screen.



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