Release 26.05.2016

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Release Note for the release 26.05.2016

New Features

- Help Centre Integration
To improve the user experience, we have integrated CaFE with our Help Centre.
Now you can access our Help Centre directory from CaFE and also submit a ticket if you have any enquiries.

Note: Currently user information is not synchronized between CaFE and Help Centre but you do not need to sign in to Help Centre anyway in order to submit a ticket or access to any our support contents.


Improvements & Changes

- Weekend transactions handling
Previously importing any weekend bank transactions were prohibited in CaFE and weekend cash flow transactions were adjusted to the following Monday or previous Friday automatically based on each record type setting when importing.

Now any weekend transactions for both bank and cash flow forecast can be imported into CaFE straightforwardly without any adjustment.

The main reason for this change is to integrate with any payment service providers such as PayPal or Stripe who accepts weekend transactions.

- T/T-1 are now displayed as Today/Yesterday
Because of the above change, CaFE now displays Today and Yesterday's data on the home page instead of T and T-1.
Therefore, if today were Monday, Sunday's data will be shown as Yesterday.

- Improvement on scheduling cash flows
Now you can schedule cash flows with any value dates including weekends.
For repeating schedules, automatic weekend adjustment is available when you select day of the month type repeating rule.

We have also changed the time span for repeating schedules when an end date is not specified.
CaFE now generates repeating schedules for 14 months from today.


Bug Fixes

  • Filtering by Value Date in Overdue items and Cash Transactions window is not working properly
  • Total amount of scheduled cash flows shows wrongly when creating any schedule if any date is selected on the calendar.
  • First value date is ignored when specified date is not matched with repeating schedule criteria.
  • Resetting password is not working properly.
  • Last login date and time is showing one hour ahead during summer time.
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