Unexpected outage for Skwile-CaFE users (6 Jun 2016)

Fumi -

We are currently experiencing an issue within our application hosting infrastructure that is affecting Skwile-CaFE customers.

Now our hosting provider is working to identify and resolve the cause of the issue as soon as possible.

We will provide any updates, including expected time for the service to be restored, as soon as we have more information.

We are very sorry for the disruption this has caused you.



6 June 2016, 17:35 (BST):

We have confirmed the service is working properly though the provider is still investigating the underlying root cause.

The actual outage occurred approximately between 13:55 and 15:30 BST on 06 June 2016.

During this period, a subset of users may have experienced an unexpected error due to the database connectivity issue.

We will update when we have any further information.


7 June 2016, 17:30 (BST):

We faced the same issue occurred yesterday, approximately between 14:00 and 15:15 BST on 07 June 2016.

Our infrastructure provider is investigating the root cause of the incident and develop a solution to prevent recurrences.

We will update when we have any further information.


9 June 2016, 11:45 (BST):

Between 00:12 BST on 8 June, 2016 and 02:24 BST on 9th June, 2016 a subset of customers may have experienced inability to access CaFE.

According to our infrastructure provider, their maintenance activity at the network layer triggered this incident but now all the changes have been reverted.

The series of incidents occurred in the particular data centre so we have switched our database facility to the secondary database hosted in another location in order to avoid any further incidents.

We, again, are very sorry for the disruption this has caused you.


10 June 2016, 19:05 (BST):

After switching our primary database, our schedule job for calculating cash projection was not working due to the configuration issue. Because of the issue, today's cash projection was not shown unless you recalculate manually.

Now it is working fine and we have run the job once so you will be able to see your cash projection without any action.

We will review our deployment procedure to prevent recurrences.

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