Release 15.04.2016

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Release Note for the release 15.04.2016

New Features
- Overdue Payables / Receivables
Any overdue payables and receivables are shown up automatically.
Now you can check any delayed payments or receipts on CaFE without logging into Xero.

- Schedule for other receivables / payables
You can schedule any future payments or receipts for other payable/receivable accounts.
This enables you to make your cash projection more accurate.
Repeating schedules also can be added with this feature.

- User Profile
Now you can update your own information including your log-in email address by yourself.
As a side note, security question/answer has been newly introduced as a part of security improvement listed below.
Please set up your security question and answer before you forget your password!

New Xero Data Sources for Cash Projection
- Wage Payables for Payroll users
You can import Payroll data as a data source for Cash Projection in CaFE.
Please note that this is only for Xero Payroll function users.
If you do not use the function, don't worry, you will still be able to enter wage payments by using our new scheduling feature!

- Repeating Invoices
Any repeating invoices approved in Xero will be imported as a data source for Cash Projection in CaFE.
This does not need any additional setting.
Once entered/approved in Xero, CaFE will retrieve them when you sync cash flow forecast.

Security Improvement
- Password Reset
You can reset your own password from login page when you forget.
Security question/answer set-up is required in user profile page.

- Login History
Last log-in time will be shown in your home page.
All the users' last log-in time also can be checked in user master page.


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