Release 09.06.2016

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Release Note for the release 09.06.2016

Improvements & Changes

- Password expiration policy change
Previously CaFE forced to change your password every 90 days.
We revised this policy and decided to remove it so now your password will never expire unless you reset it.

The reason we decided on this change is that we believe this policy would be more suited for large organisations but not for SMEs, in other words, not for all users.
Also forcing regular password change does not really help to increase your security but decreases your convenience.

However, you can still change your password from the Profile page whenever you want so now it is up to you!

Bug fixes

  • Unsubscribing/Cancelling sign up, password reset and email change request do not work properly after its expiration
  • Cancellation of email address change does not work after resending email from User Profile
  • Error handling for sign up process is not efficient
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