Release 08.09.2016

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Release Note for the release 08.09.2016

Improvements & Changes

- Performance improvement on Data sync
Now our data sync is much faster than the previous version, especially when you have large amount of data to be synchronised.

- Data sync status
CaFE now shows sync status on the Sync page. This will help you to understand what is going on in CaFE, especially synchronisation process takes time.

- Change of target period for the first sync of bank statement
Previously, when you sync bank statement at the first time, all bank transactions since the first day of the previous year will be synchronised. Now CaFE imports bank transactions only for the past three months at the first sync to quicken. However, you can still import older transactions by synchronising individually.

- Change of Sync All order
Now when you do Sync All, it will be processed in the following order.

1. Master, 2. Financial Reports, 3. Bank Transactions, 4. Cash Flow Forecast


Bug fixes

  • When importing large amount of data from Xero, unexpected error occurs due to unsupported data structure returned by Xero
  • When there is no financial report data of the previous year, Financial Reports cannot be shown correctly.
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