Release 17.11.2016

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Release Note for the release 17.11.2016

New Features
- Entity Profile
The Entity profile will show you your company's information imported from Xero.
You can also turn-on a brand-new feature, "Auto Sync", on the same page.

- Auto Sync with Xero
You will no longer need to sync your accounting data with Xero manually if you turn on the Auto Sync feature. To enable this feature, just log into CaFE and go to the Sync page or the Entity Profile, then turn on Auto Sync.
You will need to give your permission for CaFE to connect to Xero on your behalf. To do this, just click the "Connect to Xero" button. Once activated, CaFE will sync your data automatically for you!

- Multiple Businesses Handling
Now you can add more than one business (Entity) to CaFE if they all use Xero. You do not need to sign up for each business individually.
From the drop down list in the header, you can switch registered entities quickly. You can also easily manage your entities in the Entity List.

New Features for Accountants & Bookkeepers
- New Sign up for Accountants & Bookkeepers
CaFE professional version is now available to help accountants and bookkeepers provide proactive support to their clients. To enable these great features, please just sign up from the button below.

Sign up for Accountancy Firms

- Dashboard for portfolio management
If you are busy working with many clients, the dashboard shows you each of your clients' financial well-being at a glance. Just have a quick look at the dashboard every morning to see if you have any alerts. The dashboard works very well with the Auto Sync feature.

- Memo
This feature allows you to manage your To-Dos or notes for your clients: it will also work well if you collaborate with others as the memos can be shared with your colleagues in the firm. The next To-Do will be shown in the dashboard so you never forget what needs to be done next!

- Accountancy Firms Users Management
You can invite your colleagues into CaFE to share the dashboard and memos. This feature will only be available for a subscriber user of the firm.

New Xero Data Sources for Cash Projection
- Bank transfers (Spend / Receive Cash)
You can import bank transfers (Spend/Receive Cash) data as a data source for Cash Projections in CaFE.

Improvements & Changes
- Improved performance
We have improved the performance of several features, especially the Xero synchronisation.
We have also introduced a ‘re-try’ feature if CaFE hits the Xero API call limitation. Now you will be able to sync all of your data without any problem, even if you have a large volume of bank statements or invoices in Xero.

- Changed target period for the first bank statement synchronisation
The target period will now be three months from the date of sync. This used to be from the first date of the previous year, but was causing performance issues.
If you would like to import older bank transactions, please sync them individually by specifying a start date.

- Removed Log in with Xero
Your feedback has been that the "Log-in with Xero" feature is not very useful and is confusing, so we have removed it!

- Improved warning message for cash position
Previously, you were shown an alert every day, even if there were no new bank transactions. Now CaFE only shows an alert if there is no transaction in the last month. Additionally, CaFE now shows an alert if there is a discrepancy in the bank balance between Xero and CaFE. This is only likely to happen when any transaction is updated or deleted after the sync is done.

- Changed From/To Dates of Import Histories based on sync period
Previously, From/To Dates on the Import history pages were decided based on the value date of the transactions synced. With the new version, the dates will be decided based on the sync period, even if there are no transactions on the day.

- Changed Password Hashing Algorithm
We have changed our password hashing algorithm to one of the most secure algorithms available to protect your password. To apply the new algorithm, you need only log into CaFE once, that's it!

- Introduced a brand-new logo
We hope you like our new logo!

- Removed Xero demo companies restriction
Now you can add any Xero demo companies to CaFE so that you can play with any test data to see how CaFE works.

- Added Main account information
Previously, we used to call the main account the "Default" account, but now it is called the "Main" account. You can see which bank account is your main account on the Today's Cash Position and Cash Projection pages. If the forecast transactions payment account is not available in CaFE, the main account will be selected automatically. This can be changed in the Bank Accounts master.

- Added more help information
We have added more help information and hope it is helpful!

Bug Fixes

  • Error on financial report screen when financial report in previous year does not exist
  • Next Monday is selected instead of previous Friday on schedule cash flow creation
  • Deleted transactions do not affect bank balance calculation
  • Minor text correction
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