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Release Note for the release 28.03.2018

We have introduced a new theme to the entire site and also revamped some pages.
In addition to that, the text sizes and the page stylings have been changed to display data more nicely.

Moreover, icons to hide some areas have been introduced in the Memo (Professional users only), Schedule Other Payments and Future Critical Timing to see data more effectively.

We hope you like new CaFE!

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New Features

- Line items for Future Critical Timing transactions
Now you can see line item details of transactions by expanding each record in the Future Critical Timing.
Each line item shows a record type, gross and VAT amount, and its description as below.


Currently line items information is available in invoices, bills and manual bank transactions.
We will soon add line item information to other types of transactions as well.


- Entity Search
Now the Search field appears in the entity selection menu in the header when you have more than twenty entities added in CaFE.
This will be helpful if you have many entities to monitor in your portfolio.


- Multiple Items Selection
We have introduced the multiple selection feature to some columns such as Entity Name, Record Type and so on. You can narrow down a list and select any items which you would like to display.



Improvements & Changes

- Main bank account setting
Previously you needed two steps to change your main bank account in CaFE but now you can quickly change a main bank account from the drop down list on the Bank Accounts page.

Please remember that you need to synchronise cash flow forecasts in the Integration page, or simply run Sync All after changing your main bank account in order to reflect the change.

- Automatic data refresh
Previously you had to refresh data manually after data synchronisation or cash projection calculate is done manually.
Now relevant data will be automatically refreshed for you.

- Improvement of accessibility
Now you can jump to the Integration page directly from the Dashboard by clicking a link in the [Last Sync] column.
(Professional users only)

- Minor text and styling improvements


Improvements & Changes for data synchronisation

- Change of handling for Spend/Receive Money transactions
Previously CaFE imported each line item of Spend/Receive Money transactions as a cash flow forecast.

Now one cash flow forecast is created per Spend/Receive Money transaction and its line items are treated as a line item in CaFE as well.
The line items can be seen in the Future Critical Timing as described above.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing a main bank account is not working under a particular condition


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