Release 18.09.2019

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Release Note for the release 18.09.2019


Improvements & Changes

- Main bank account selection upon first master sync

Previously, the main bank account was set to a first bank account among target bank accounts, which are ordered by your accounting system upon the first master sync.

The main bank account is now set to the one, which has most bank transactions among target bank accounts. This does not apply to FreeAgent, as it has a distinct Main Bank Account inside FreeAgent.


- Critical Timing Notification criteria is more consistent with the Critical Timing Report

Previously, Critical Timing Notification ignored the first "Yellow" critical timing when

  • the threshold is set to "Yellow"
  • a "Red" critical timing exists after the first "Yellow" critical timing

Now the first Critical Timing, being "Yellow" or "Red", will be notified when the threshold is "Yellow". This change does not affect if the threshold is set to "Red": first "Red" Critical Timing, if any, will be notified.


- Clean up past import forecast history

The import histories for cash flow forecast are cleaned up regularly except for the following "recent histories":

  • Any import histories, which are synced as at the day of the clean-up, if any
  • A most recent successful import history before today with non-skipped transactions

Before the regular clean-up, you may see the other past histories.  


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Bug Fixes

  • Duplication on repeating bill in FreeAgent when the first bill date is in future
  • Line items are not shown for Expense transactions in QuickBooks Online
  • "Sync Past Data" button cannot be clicked for Xero user with Financial Plan
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