Release 21.11.2019

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Release Note for the release 21.11.2019

New Features

- Account Information
You can now see your account information from the Settings menu. (for an account owner only)

For business owner users, we have set your account information up based on your registered entity information for you. You can also update the information on the page if it is wrong.

You can also change the account owner to any other user in your organisation.


- Guest User Invitation
You can now invite your adviser or client to CaFE in the Entities or Clients page. For business owner users, you can also specify which role should be given to the invited adviser.

Please remember that this feature is available only for an account owner and one adviser/client per entity can be invited. Any guest users also can be removed on the same page.


Let's have a look


Improvements & Changes

- Settings for Auto Sync and Notification Preference
Previously the setting for Auto Sync feature was shown as a part of the Entities/Clients page. We have introduced a new dedicated page for this purpose, which can be accessed from the Setting menu.

In addition to that, you can also access the Notification Preferences page from the Settings menu to be easier and quicker.


- Users and Manage Permission
Previously only Professional users could manage their users who belong to their organisation in the Accountants page. However, both Business owners and Professional users can now manage internal users in the Users page. (for Account owner only)

Besides, both users also can manage permission of other internal users on the same page as well.


Bug Fixes

  • Loan bank account amount is included in the company position
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