Release 17.12.2019

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Release Note for the release 17.12.2019

New Features

- [Beta] Bulk Client Import (FreeAgent users only)
For Adviser users who use FreeAgent, we have introduced the bulk client import feature. You can now import your clients at once instead of adding one by one.

To do that, you can simply select "Connect as an Accountant user" in the Add Entity page from the Clients list.



Please note that you need to be an accountancy practice user in FreeAgent to use this feature.

You can find more details about this new feature here.

Try Bulk Import


Improvements & Changes

- Simplified Sync All (Sync Now)
Previously there were the two options for data sync, one was Sync All and the other was Sync Individually. We have unified them into Sync Now to make it simpler so that you can now just click one button to sync your data whenever you want.

If you need to sync older data, you can still specify it in the Advanced Sync option area.


- Change of the menu structure
We have reorganised the menu structure in the entity level based on the types of activities as below.

  • Summary: Today's cash summary [Now]
  • Cash Management: For your daily cash flow management [Near future]
  • Reporting: For analysing the current status and planning for future [Past/Future]
  • Settings: Any settings related to a selected entity
  • Integration: For the integration with an accounting system including import histories


- Minor text and styling improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong notification settings are applied in a particular circumstance during the notification check process
  • Last Sync in the dashboard is not showing correct status after manual sync
  • Amount in "Lowest in 3 months" contains the amount of loan bank accounts
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