Release 20.10.2018

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Release Note for the release 20.10.2018

New Features

- [Beta] Financial Plan (Xero users only)

Now CaFE can assist you in creating your financial plan and also monitoring it.


You can import the budget defined in Xero, or CaFE can automatically generate a draft budget based on your past data for the easy start for you.
CaFE can also generate a cash flow plan based on the budget as well.

Both budget and cash flow plan can be adjusted later on.

Once the plan is fixed, CaFE continuously monitors your actual data with it so that you can easily compare the actual result with your plan whenever you want.

Create your plan


- Overdraft

This feature came from the user's voice.

Now you can set up the overdraft amount of each bank account in the Bank Accounts page.
It is integrated with the Future Critical Timing and its notification as well.


Improvements & Changes

- Draft transactions

This is also based on the user's feedback.

Previously CaFE imported only authorised transactions but now imports draft transactions as a data source for cash projections.
With this feature, you can now easily simulate your cash projections without authorising uncertain transactions in your accounting system.

- Change of the display amount unit
Previously amounts in the chart in the AP/AR summary and Historical balance page were shown in K (1,000) basis but now the original amounts are displayed.

- Minor text and styling improvements


Improvements & Changes for data synchronisation

- Repeating Bill support
Now CaFE can import repeating bill transactions from FreeAgent.

Bug Fixes

  • The entity search in the individual entity page is not working as expected
  • The last updated by in the Bank Accounts page is not shown properly


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