Release 07.12.2018

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Release Note for the release 07.12.2018

New Features

- Subscription Preferences

You can now control your subscription preferences on the User Profile page.
If you would like to be kept updated about our news and special offers, please turn it on!

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Improvements & Changes

- Change in the way of displaying negative account amounts
Previously any negative amounts were displayed with a minus sign.
Now negative account amounts are displayed with brackets while negative cash flow amounts remain as they were.

- Transaction status
Previously only the Critical Cash Timing showed the status of each transaction.
Now the other transaction lists such as the Overdue Items and Cash Transactions also show the status so that you can check if it is paid, authorised, draft, etc.

- Cash Transaction List in the cash projection
Previously the cash flow summary list was displayed when clicking a link on the cash projection page.
Now the cash transaction list will be shown instead if "Cash Flow" is selected.

- Change in Remarks for repeating invoices
- Minor text and styling improvements


[Financial Plan (Xero users only)]
- Improvement of the authorised plan
Previously some items such as bank accounts, credit cards and unpaid expense claims were excluded in the plan.
You can now see those items in the authorised plan for monitoring.
Please note that those items show actual amounts only.
As a side note, we are actively working on an improvement which allow you to plan for those items as well. Please stay tuned!

In addition to that, now overdue transactions can be confirmed in the authorised Cash Flow Plan.
When any overdue transactions exist, a warning icon will be shown along with the amount as below.


You can check detailed transactions when you click the link on the amount.
Please note that those overdue transactions will disappear when you reconcile them in Xero.

Furthermore, the authorised plan will be updated automatically when you synchronise data with Xero so you do not need to refresh the plan manually.

Lastly, you can now see the link on an amount only when any related transactions exist.

- Copy Cash Flow Settings
Now the copy function for Cash Flow Settings is available when you create a new plan.
If you already have any existing plans, the settings can be imported from a plan so that you do not need to tune them up again.


Improvements & Changes for data synchronisation

- Past data synchronisation
When creating a financial plan, CaFE refers past data in Xero.
At the initial budget creation, CaFE stores past data for a year back from the starting month of the plan.
After the first budget creation, only the past data for the last month will be synchronised.
You can now re-synchronise past data for your specified period from the Xero Integration page so that you are able to synchronise it whenever you update old data in Xero.

Bug Fixes

  • Schedule Items are not reflected in the authorised plan
  • Status of scheduled items are shown as "Approved", not "Authorised"
  • Warning message for a transaction with a marking key is wrong
  • Previous schedule request is sent along with new request when creating multiple schedules in a row
  • Sync past transaction fails due to the transaction without relevant payment information
  • Budget creation keeps failing due to an unexpected error
  • Plan Item Category of credit cards is set to Debt instead of Credit Card when synchronising master information
  • Amount includes VAT in the Cash Transaction Details list for budget modification
  • Duplicate transactions in the Cash Transaction Details list for the current month in the Authorised plan
  • Cash flow plan creation is failed when Plan Item Category of VAT record type is set to Debt before the first budget creation
  • The link on the plan calculation completion email is pointing to the wrong page
  • Plans for credit cards and unpaid expenses should not be created
  • Unsupported items are shown wrongly when adding a new cash flow plan item
  • The Cash Transaction List does not show all records
  • [Xero] Record type code duplication throws an error when synchronising cash flow forecasts


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