Release 23.11.2020

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Release Note for the release 23.11.2020

New Features

- Brand new summary screen [Desktop version only]

We have introduced a new summary screen in the desktop version.
The new summary screen gives you a birds-eye view of your cash position and extends your view into the future in a really intuitive way.


In the new summary, you can see

  • Your Cash Alerts:
    - Short-term cash short alerts on a daily basis (for the coming three months)
    - Long-term cash short alerts on a monthly basis (for the further 10 months after that)
  • Six months overview:
    - Your overall cash balances and cash flows for six months including past and future
  • Today's Snapshot
    - Today's overall opening balance based on yesterday's bank balances and closing balance based on today's projections
    - Overdue amounts as at today, which are not in cash projections
    - Unscheduled payment amounts (VAT, etc), which are not in cash projections

In addition, you will be navigated to necessary information from the summary to help you understand more details.


- New look and feel
You already may notice, CaFE now has a brand new look and feel to make your use of CaFE easier and more enjoyable.
We keep improving our UI so please let us know if you have any feedback.
Your feedback would be highly appreciated!


Try New CaFE now


Improvements & Changes

- Updates on the Budget planner [Xero users only]
We have improved the Budget planner to make it faster, especially when creating a new budget.

In addition, you can now edit a description of your budget whenever you like, even after it is authorised by simply clicking the description field in the budget screen for your convenience.


- Minor improvements & bug fixes


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