Release 14.04.2021

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Release Note for the release 14.04.2021


- Contact level budget planner [Business/Enterprise plan only]

You can now create a budget at a contact level for a particular customer or supplier.

To add contacts to your budget, click + icon on a particular budget item in a draft budget. If you already have an authorised budget, you can copy the budget in the budget list screen to make it editable.



Then, select contacts which you would like to add to the budget item and click the Add button. You can see transaction amounts in the past year for your reference.


After adding contacts and recalculating the budget, the budget item and its cash flow plan will be recalculated, then the budget item will be divided into contact budgets. Please notice that Others will appear in the budget item once any contact budget is added. This item represents the rest of the contacts in the budget item.



You can edit each contact budget in the same way as other budget items.

In addition, you can now edit your budget more easily by looking at before and after and also adjust each amount individually on top of bulk update by per cent or exact amount.


After authorising the budget, you can now track your budget at a contact level. The cash flow plan will be automatically reflected in your cash projection if the budget is monitored.



- Detailed budget update histories [Business/Enterprise plan only]

You can now track any changes on a detailed level when a budget is updated. You can also download all the update histories with detailed information.


- Action alert content improvement

You can now see more information about payment transactions in an action alert email such as contact and record type name to easily identify what payments may cause a cash shortfall.


- Minor improvements & bug fixes


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