Release 21.03.2019

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Release Note for the release 21.03.2019

New Features

- Credit Card Projections
Previously credit cards were handled as other payments and collections in CaFE but it is now handled like as a bank account.
By using a Marking key, you can now see projections for credit cards along with other bank accounts.

You can also set the credit limit of credit cards in the Bank Accounts page so that you will receive an alert when it hits the limit in the projections.


- Prepayment Handling in the Financial Plan (Xero users only)
You can now manage prepayments in your financial plan. For example, if you pay a software subscription annually and allocate the cost as a monthly expense, then this feature should be suitable.
Please see here for more information.


- Reconcile Button (Xero users only)
The Reconcile button now appears in the home screen as below when you have any unreconciled items on a bank account in your accounting system.
This button will take you to the accounting system for your convenience.


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Improvements & Changes

- Improvement on Bank Transfer transactions
You can now see details of bank transfer transactions in the Future Critical Timing screen.
In addition, you can now also see cash transactions for bank transfers in your authorised financial plan.

- Minor text and styling improvements


[Financial Plan (Xero users only)]
- Balance information in an authorised financial plan
Previously a balance of the following items showed zero after the current month in an authorised financial plan.
It now shows actual balance in the balance sheet.

  • Banks

  • Credit Cards

  • Unpaid Expense Claims


Improvements & Changes for data synchronisation

- Past invoices with prepayment/overpayment
Previously any invoices allocated prepayments or overpayments were not synchronised as past data.
Those transactions are now synchronised properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Financial Plan recalculation fails due to archived/deleted bank accounts/credit cards
  • Cash Flow Movement Chart contains a balance of inactive bank accounts
  • Balance amount direction is wrong for wages related BS items
  • P/L budget contains archived record types upon budget creation
  • A line item in cash flow forecasts with archived record type is not created
  • A bank account is not set properly when payment account is non-bank account
  • Cash flow plan item remains when the related account is removed in the Wages cash flow setting
  • Balance on Other Payments / Collections is wrong for a specific record type


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