Release 09.09.2021

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Release Note for the release 09.09.2021


With this latest release, we’re excited to introduce some updates that will help improve your experience with our new budget planner.
The changes affect both the Quick Cashflow plan and the Basic Budget plan. [Xero and FreeAgent only]


What’s improved?

Roll Over
You can now create or recreate a new period based on the current period’s actuals.
Like when creating a new budget, you can specify conditions for creation below.

See here for more details about this feature.


Foreign Currency Payments Handling
You can now select a foreign currency bank account as a payment account in the budget planner, which will also allow CaFE to generate cash projections in a foreign currency.
In addition, exchange rates are now automatically calculated by CaFE. You can still set your own rates if you want to.
Lean more

Please remember that you need to monitor your budget to create cash projections based on the budget.
See this article for more details.


Loan Account Setting
You can now manage loans accounts for the Loan Simulator.

Learn more about the Loan Simulator


There are some minor improvements and bug fixes as well.


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