Release 03.02.2022

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Release Note for the release 03.02.2022


We are happy to announce that we have released the latest version of CaFE.

This new release focuses on enhancements to the user interface to make it easier for you to find and see the information you want, and introduces some significant feature improvements, especially within the budget planner. We've made some exciting additions that users have requested, one of which is credit note handling.


What’s updated?

Enhancement of the Edit-in-cell mode
In a Quick cash flow plan and Basic budget, you can edit your budget in the same way as a spreadsheet. We have improved the keyboard navigation and UI to let you make budgeting easier. You can also now use the Quick calculator to update a budget amount in the Edit-in-cell mode.

Please see here for more details.



Auto budget monitoring

Previously, you had to monitor a budget after creating to track your budget along with cash projections. CaFE is now set to automatically monitor your budget for you when you create a Quick cash flow plan or Basic budget, or authorise a Full budget if there is no active budget in the monitor mode yet.

Please read this article about budget monitoring.



Credit notes handling

You can now see credit note information in related invoices in the Budget planner and also Cash short predictor. In addition, any credit note amounts won’t be included in budget amounts when generating a Quick cash flow plan and Basic budget from the past data.

Please see here for more details.


Design improvements in Full budget

You can now see more monthly columns without scrolling in a Full budget. When editing a Full budget, you will see the edit option menu below depending on the type of budget item.


Adding new budget items and exporting features are now moved to the header option button below along with other features.


You can also export your Full budget in a single file including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow plan.


Key action button

You can now find a Key Actions button in the Summary page to quickly access the main pages.


For Adviser users, you can now add a new client from the Dashboard directly.



Other changes

  • Improvement of warning messages on the Summary page
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Performance enhancements
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