Can I hide unnecessary overdue transactions?

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In CaFE, you can see overdue transactions from various places, in order not to keep eye on them, even for cash in or cash out.


But there may be some transactions, which you do not want to see them.

For example:

  • An invoice, which is not related to cash flow
  • A sales invoice is to be voided due to the customer's business situation, but it stays in the accounting system for some accounting purposes.

In such a situation, it is misleading to show them in the overdue item list, and it makes the Simulated Balance in the Cash Short Predictor less meaningful.

In CaFE, you can hide such transactions, and also unhide them!

When a transaction is hidden, it is not in the overdue list, and also the budget screen.


How to hide

Firstly, go to the overdue list in one of the Summary, Forecast, or Detailed Cash Flow Forecast screens.


Click the number to open the overdue list. Then click the tick box as marked below.


Now the list is management mode.


Select the transaction to hide on the right tick box for each transaction.


After hitting the Save changes button, cash projection is automatically recalculated.

The selected transaction is not shown in the overdue list.


How to unhide

Open the overdue list as in the previous section, then tick the Manage overdue transactions.

Then hidden transactions are shown.


Select the transactions to unhide, and click the Save changes button.

The recalculation of the cash projection is automatically started, as in hiding transactions.


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