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Release Note for the release - February 2024

We're excited to announce the latest updates to CaFE with the February 2024 release. This update brings a host of new features, improvements, and fixes aimed at enhancing your experience and providing you with more control and flexibility over your cash flow management.


Here’s what’s new:

New Features and Enhancements

Social Login:

Simplify your sign-in process with our new Social Login feature. Now you can log into CaFE using your Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or existing Xero credentials. This enhancement is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to our platform, using the social media accounts you already trust.

Visit here for more details about Social Login.


Change of Cash Flow Category in Quick Cash Flow Plan / Basic Budget:

Gain more control over how your cash flows are categorized. Our system automatically categorizes cash flows from your accounting system based on the chart of accounts. However, we recognize the need for flexibility.

For example, you may wish to categorize transactions with the account “IT Software and Consumables” under Cost of Sales rather than “Other Expenses.”

We've made this process more intuitive by allowing these changes to be made directly on the Accounts page, facilitating easier management of budget items across categories.

This update applies to all Quick Cash Flow Plan and Basic Budget settings.

For detailed guidance on this feature, please refer to our Quick Guide for Quick Cash Flow Plan / Basic Budget.


Reordering Budget Items:

Users can now reorder budget items (contacts) for Sales and Cost of Sales directly in the grid after creating a budget. This new functionality provides added flexibility in prioritizing and organizing budget items to better reflect your business operations.

For more details about reordering budget items, see our quick guide.


Payment Bank Account Handling in Cash Projections:

We've improved the consistency in how payment bank account settings in the budget planner affect cash flow forecasts. Now, decisions on payment accounts are uniformly applied, enhancing the accuracy of your cash projections across the board.

For more information on this enhancement, visit How CaFE Determines the Payment Bank Account for Cash Projections.


Intro Video for Budget Planner:

Explore the features of the budget planner with our new introductory video guide.


This resource is also available on the budget planner page and is designed to help you make the most of the budgeting tools at your disposal.


Improvements and Fixes

Performance Improvements:

We’ve made behind-the-scenes enhancements to ensure CaFE runs smoother and more efficiently, improving your overall experience.


Bug Fixes and UI Improvements:

This update includes fixes to known issues and UI enhancements to make navigating and using CaFE more intuitive and user-friendly.


We hope these updates make managing your finances with CaFE even more efficient and enjoyable. As always, we value your feedback and are here to support you in getting the most out of our platform.

Thank you for choosing CaFE for your cash flow management needs.

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